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Bold Music Starts a “Love Train”

George Ramsay, co-founder and co-owner of Bold Music, knew the coronavirus would affect his teachers’ and students’ morale. His company hires musicians to give 30-, 45- and 60-minute music lessons to children and adults in their homes. Since March 16, the company’s lessons have been taking place via Zoom instead of in-person.

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Anne Springs Close Greenway Turns 25

Sunshine and forward movement have become staples in everyone’s lives right now. Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill is 20 minutes from Ballantyne, offering 36 miles of nature trails for running, hiking and biking on 2,100 acres. Photo credit: Carissa Rogers Photography

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Pancakes for a Purpose

Tammi Brady becomes emotional whenever she writes a thank-you note to a Pancakes for a Purpose donor. The gift means so much to her: It contributes directly to pancreatic cancer research and signifies her late husband hasn’t been forgotten.

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One Step Ahead

In 2017, Chris Kerley and Stuart Santos first thought about starting a running club when they saw people wearing local run club T-shirts at a marathon in Savannah, Georgia. With help from Tom Patania, they founded Ballantyne Running Club (BRC) in May 2017. The BRC is free and open to everyone. Runners and walkers vary in age, skill level and gender. 

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Fishing with Heroes

Until last year, John Boye, 69, hadn’t used a fishing pole since he was 18 years old. These days, he keeps a pole in his car and uses it any chance he gets.

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Mental Health First Aid

Sneeze or cough, and a friend or family member responds with the offer of a tissue, throat lozenge or even the suggestion to see a doctor. Most people know how to extend help when a loved one has a physical ailment. And when the...

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‘Get a Little Funny in Your Life’

Some of the funniest people in Charlotte are performing at Acting Out Studio (AOS) near Ballantyne. Mom’s Adhesive is one of seven improv teams within the studio, each with a distinct style and geared to a specific age group.

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