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Brett McLaughlin

Editor, Upstate Lake Living, Seneca, SC 

"Vanessa not only has great story ideas that fit squarely into the wheelhouse of our Upstate South Carolina readership, but she has a crisp and concise writing style that makes for an easy and informative read. She is in touch with what the Carolinas have to offer to both visitors and those who live here but need to be nudged into a weekend getaway or an afternoon hike. She is a pleasure to work with. Her copy is clean, and she knows how to make a deadline. I wish I had more freelancers just like her."

DC Lucchesi

Owner, well-run media + marketing, Charlotte, NC

"Need great copy to make your brand — or a client’s look good? Need a real pro who can not only turn a phrase, but take on a brand voice, ask the right questions, and make a deadline without worry? I love working with Vanessa! She’s come through many times on “one-off” items, as well as project-based work. Even with little more than a napkin sketch from me, she’s found a way to come up with results. Wait… why am I telling you this? Now you’ll probably hire her, too, and I’ll have to beg to get her back on my projects!"

Jodi Greenwald

Editor, Ballantyne Magazine, Charlotte, NC

"Vanessa sends me the most thoughtful, creative pitches! She keeps an eye out for hyper-local stories, which I appreciate as the editor of a neighborhood publication. She is also super-responsive. It’s a joy to work with her."

David Mildenberg

Editor, Business North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

"Business North Carolina has benefited significantly from Vanessa's outstanding work. She is a professional with a skill for storytelling and a dedication to accuracy and fair reporting. I especially appreciate her willingness to meet deadlines consistently and receive feedback in a positive manner, while standing her ground when she feels strongly. She's an exemplary freelance writer."

Cathy Martin

Editor, SouthPark Magazine, Charlotte, NC

"Vanessa is extremely thoughtful, super-organized and professional, from developing pitches that are relevant to our audience and throughout the entire writing and editing process. When Vanessa takes an assignment, I know the story will be filed on time, and it will be well-reported and well-written. She is also very collaborative, always willing to discuss ideas, accept feedback and tackle any follow-up reporting that might be required. Truly a pleasure to work with her!"

Gina Horkey

Founder, Horkey HandBook, LLC, Wyoming, MN

"Vanessa's written several articles for Horkey HandBook's blog that have helped readers do the one thing we feel is most important – take action! Her writing nailed our brand, providing plenty of tips, no fluff in a conversational tone that makes people feel like their learning from a dear friend. We highly recommend hiring Vanessa and look forward to working with her again."

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