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Why are seniors struggling with food insecurity?

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, it wasn’t unusual for older adults to call Sharen Tessendorf to see when she would have food to deliver. She took food to 12-to-14 seniors each month. PHOTO: Matthew Levine

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Attention turns to a sport with room for improvement

When Robert Quesada watched people climbing on a boulder with a prehistoric rock carving in California, he explained to them why it was disrespectful to ascend there.

PHOTO: Eugene Ahn

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What it’s like for women who make liquor for a living

When Chemist Spirits owner Debbie Word decided to open a distillery in downtown Asheville, N.C., she visited lending institutions in the area. Each one turned her down. PHOTO: Courtesy of Chaunci King

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Bookstores bind patrons as well as their owners

The number of independent bookstores owned by women is unknown. But one thing is certain, from coast-to-coast, these booksellers are invested in supporting and educating each other about the business of selling books, and have a shared mission to be beacons in their communities. PHOTO: Lionel Miller and Charlie Burns

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