Foster parents need a village. This Austin mom gave them one

The call from social services came at midnight in October 2017 — Ruben Elizondo and his wife Hillarie Elizondo’s first foster child, a 4-month-old boy, would arrive in two hours with only the clothes on his back and a baby carrier.

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First Time at Overnight Camp

Planning for summer begins now. If you are considering an overnight or sleep-away camp — also known as resident camps — for your child for the first time, it’s natural to have some apprehension about... 

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The Power of Food for Children with Special Needs

When a child is diagnosed with special needs, parents are introduced to an array of therapies to help improve the child’s life. Determining a treatment plan can be...

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Teaching Kids to Self-Advocate

Before I had children, I worked in the dean of student’s office at Queens University of Charlotte. My job was to help students achieve personal and academic goals.

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Middle-School Students Learn to Advocate Through Extensions Program

When Trent Lose, 15, saw his middle-school friends at Randolph Middle School disappear from homeroom each morning, he was curious about where they were going. 

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How to Negotiate and Blend Family Customs for the Holidays

Every Christmas Eve, my husband and I discuss whether the presents from Santa should be wrapped. We’ve been together for so long, we’re not sure whose family tradition...

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Throwing Birthday Parties That Give Back

The anniversary of the birth of a child is a celebratory time. We gather friends and family to sing “Happy Birthday,” eat cake and play games. Then the long-awaited moment arrives, the birthday boy or girl opens...

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